The Service this Consulting Business offers

Business people face existential pressures as well. And it is ridiculous to expect that they should deal
with these concerns all on their own.

Our service is directed to business people who either voluntarily or involuntarily find themselves in a very risky, sometimes near-suicidal
situation because:

  1. their current business model is fading away and they agonize about how to reinvent and reposition their business, or,
  2. they have taken a well-reflected and well-analyzed contrarian investment position on the market and are desperate about the long time it
    takes for that market to come around to their interpretation, or,
  3. they have come up with a new, unheard of, yet legal industry specific solution and are struggling to recognition in the market for subject

Avoiding to get caught up in a Vicious Circle of Arguments

What Iyov Extreme Risk Management offers is to be a congenial, understanding and collaborative discussion partner to the aforementioned risk-
takers in order to help them process the pressures they are faced with. Human beings who are under extreme risk of possible failure will
inevitably come to the point where they question the wisdom of their judgment overall, the inherent unfairness of their fate, the possible
lopsidedness of their motivations and the adequacy of prior decisions they have taken. In short, they will end up in what is commonly known as
an existential crisis. To get out of this crisis in a constructive and creative manner requires quite a bit of knowledge, perspective and trust.
Otherwise it is difficult to avoid getting caught up in a vicious circle of arguments that keeps the pertaining business person paralyzed and with
little chance to break free from this crisis in a peaceful manner. It is hence highly important that such an existential crisis be dealt with an honest
and productive way in order to rediscover the confidence and the ingenuity that will resolve the business conundrum which caused the existential
crisis in the first place. Iyov Extreme Risk Management tries to help extreme risk-takers to get through the philosophical soul searching part and
rediscover a reasonable faith in their own resourcefulness.

Obviously we will not be able to perform miracles, but we give you the opportunity to release some of the steam that has been building up inside
of you put your stress into a wider context and shed a new light on your project. Hopefully, this will stimulate your confidence and your business

Existential Challenges are part of Human Life

Iyov Extreme Risk Management is of the opinion that the conventional wisdom according to which an existential crisis is best addressed in a
psychotherapeutic setting is an undue simplification of the challenges any meaningful human existence inevitably entails. Yes, it is true that an
existential crisis is often times the result of an unresolved trauma experiences earlier in life. And it is also true that such unresolved trauma
experiences will likely lead to new predicaments even if the current one is being resolved. It is not true though that the experience of an
existential crisis inevitably demonstrates the existence of a neurotic or even psychotic imbalance in the pertaining individual. For that it needs
additional indicators such as a tendency for repeated disproportional reasoning, repeated super-sizing of worries and emotions, hyper-volatility
in espoused views, obsessions with certain experiences and others.  Obviously, Iyov Extreme Risk Management will not hesitate to suggest
psychotherapeutic treatment to our clients if it should feel that such advice is warranted.   

In general, however, we believe that it is a natural part of human existence to eventually get into phases of serious, sometimes even near-
suicidal doubt and that it is counterproductive to put a wholesale label of health concern on such doubts.  In fact, it is our opinion that it is in itself
an unhealthy approach to pretend that all reasonable human behavior will never entertain serious existential doubts and that sound people will
not get into dire straits of the near-suicidal kind. Clearing up these kinds of myths and misunderstanding is already an important part helping
people to regain their confidence and their creativity.     

The Double Angle of our Consulting Service

As mentioned before any counselling service that deals with the existential issues sparked by business concerns will have to have a double
angle: understanding your business and the predicament it finds itself in as well as providing philosophical advice on the experience of high
stakes risk-taking.
Our service will hence include the following components:

  • for business owners

  1. understanding the current business and the predicament that business finds itself in
  2. talking through the viability of alternative business models subject business owner may have already discarded or may be harboring
    without being convinced about them
  3. exploring the potential and opportunity a high risk situation can entail
  4. educating the business owner about the concept of reasonable philosophical faith
  5. helping the business owner to get proactive and find some sort of conviction ideally in a new or repositioned business model
  6. Possibly providing our own suggestions as to a potential reorientation of the project

  • for (hedge) fund managers acting on a contrarian philosophy and investment strategy

  1. Immersion into the underlying assumptions of the investment strategy
  2. Listening to the doubts the investors has with respect to his market interpretation and with respect to himself
  3. Discussing both the feasibilities of the strategy and the feasibility of the speculative process as such
  4. Sharing our own existential risk-taking experience and putting the issue of near-suicidal risk-taking into an educated philosophical
  5. educating the investor about the concept of reasonable philosophical faith as such
  6. sharing our own view on the market and the economy in the marketplace
  7. Provide our own honest assessment of the viability of the project;

  • for entrepreneurs:

  1. Understand your solution in the context of what’s currently available in the pertaining industry sector
  2. Understand the business development efforts undertaken so far and why they have failed
  3. Understand the impact of the risk-taking on the personal situation of the entrepreneur
  4. Evaluate the feasibility of the entrepreneur’s ambition
  5. Provide our opinion on the feasibility of the project
  6. If the project is deemed to be feasible help the entrepreneur to discover a new approach in marketing it   

Let us stress again at this point that
Iyov Extreme Risk Management does not offer psychoanalytic therapy. While the philosophical
perspective does include issues related to psychology, Iyov Extreme Risk Management views itself strictly as a business consultancy. Iyov
Extreme Risk Management will not endorse or provide intellectual and moral support to business models that in its view must be considered as
illegal or unethical. And
Iyov Extreme Risk Management sees itself under the obligation to inform the relevant authorities if it should
come to the conclusion that our client poses a danger to himself or to others. Otherwise our deliberations will naturally be confidential.


We will charge our clients for the meetings and conversations we have with him/her once the consulting contract has been signed. Since it will be
of utmost importance that we come to visit you personally at least once or twice, Iyov Extreme Risk Management will also charge the client with
the costs for travel and hotel accommodation.

While Iyov Extreme Risk Management prides itself in doing some pro bono work, our capacity to do so is obviously limited. We therefore expect
our clients to understand that our consulting fees will be substantial as they should be considering the existential weight of the client’s concerns
and the quality of reasoning it takes to intelligently deal with the pressures that subject concerns generate.
Iyov Extreme Risk Management
A Thought Experiment by Noah denkt™ directed towards Fund Managers,
Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders that are driven to take existential risks