Who are the Consultants themselves

The Relevance of the Book of Job in the Age of a Turbo-Dynamic Digital Economy

Iyov Extreme Risk Management was founded by Wil Leonards in 2018 after realizing that other consultancies leave the question of existential,
near-suicidal risk-taking woefully unattended. He believes innovation hardly happens without the innovator going through a nail-biting experience
that raises the most fundamental Hamlet-style questions about life. This is where the name Iyov in Extreme Risk Management Consultancy from.
Iyov alludes to the Biblical figure of Job whose convictions were put to an excruciating test by the powers of fate, destiny and the markets
and it was only after he had survived that test and gained his full existential maturity and proficiency that ample market success was granted to
Iyov Extreme Risk Management believes that much of the ancient Job dynamic is still prevalent to this day. Hence the need to
provide some sort of intellectual support to the afflicted and hence the need to set up Iyov Extreme Risk Management.

The founder of Iyov Extreme Risk Management himself has experienced the agonizing pressures of a high-stakes risk-taking in the course of his
Noah denkt™ - Project. So he knows what he is talking about. But it isn’t just in practice but also in theory that our founder has studied the issue
of existential risk-taking. He is familiar with the thinking of French and German existentialists; he is informed himself on the basic questions of
epistemology; he has contemplated the issue of reasonable philosophical and religious faith; he has read a solid part of English, American,
French and German literature; he speaks four languages; he has lived in different countries and he understands cultural and historical
differences. Generally speaking, he considers himself a well-informed citizen of the digital age. In light of his background the question obviously
imposes itself is: Why is it that this person is involved with all sorts of as yet little known projects and business schemes considering the claims
made on this website' Should this person not be teaching his insights at a more respectable institution? Well, the answer to this legitimate
question is that standard professional solutions only work for those who have nothing major to wrestle with in life.  Our founder is not one of
them. He does, however,  hold a Master’s degree from a pretty old university in Europe and does have some career experience in export
promotion and business development. Other than that, though, there is not much to boast about.

The Sense of Doom of the Mid-80s

May be this lack of higher academic credentials has to do with the fact the brunt of our founder’s formative years happened during the last legs
of the Cold War. At that time the existentialist school of thought had already lost a major part of its credibility due to its earlier sell-out to socialist
theory. In fact, positivist thinking was in its final push to all but eradicate speculative reasoning from professional discourse. There was hence
little room for those who weren’t part of the quantification craze to excel in academia.

Interestingly enough, it is also in the second half of the 80s that a sense of doom, despondency and near-suicidality emerges in literature and
the arts. See, for instance, the works of Thomas Bernhard, Easton Ellis, DeLillo, The Cure and others in this respect. Such sense of gloom
wasn’t there before. It is true that authors like Saul Bellow, Emil Cioran, Fernando Pessoa and Arthur Schopenhauer had explored questions of
hopelessness and perhaps suicidality before. But the intelligent Zeitgeist then wasn’t necessarily reflecting these topics as well. Take, for
instance, the works of Albert Camus, Françoise Sagan, J.D. Salinger, Henry Miller or Philip Roth and you’ll find, at least in our humble opinion,
that all of them still have some sort of resistance, energy, hope and will-power left in them to fight the existential odds stacked up against them.
The poetic heroes of Bernhard’s literature, however, tend to realize that all their struggles for maintaining subtlety, reason and decency smack of
a lost cause.  In other words, writers like Bernhard are already signaling in the 80s that a wave of suicidality could be upon us in Western society.
Nowadays, that wave of suicidality is there for all to see. It is there when Western kids join the Jihadi movement in order to die a Martyr’s death. It
is there in the mass shootings in Las Vegas and elsewhere. And it is there in the undermining and marginalisation of quality journalism. In our
mind, there can, hence, be little doubt that it is of some urgency to address the issue of existential stress and exhaustion in a more philosophical
manner.  Iyov Extreme Risk Management tries to do just that.

Iyov Extreme Risk Management has evolved out of the Noah denkt™ - Project

At this time Iyov Extreme Risk Management is formally still part of the Noah denkt™ - Project from which it evolved. The Noah denkt™ - Project
itself is primarily about educating the public and raising awareness about economic, social and political issues that in our mind deserve more
attention than they are currently getting. In other words, the Noah denkt™ - Project is in essence a pro bono work to demonstrate the validity of
our philosophical stances. This Iyov consulting project will eventually become a stand-alone business. While it is already open for business as we
speak, Iyov still feels a strong affiliation to the educational objectives that Noah denkt™ pursues. After all, we are just as much about the
prosperity of the common good as we are about the prosperity of ourself.  
Iyov Extreme Risk Management
A Thought Experiment by Noah denkt™ directed towards Fund Managers,
Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders that are driven to take existential risks