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A market-based concept to reform
financial markets
Strategic Statement, Jan. 2010

Keynes 1929 versus Keynes 2009
Redefining a venerable philosophy,
April 2010

Deuter können nix anderes, als
Über Spekulanten,  April 2010

Quality Control 2015
Noah denkt™’s forecasting accuracy in

Zur Verteidigung der Leerverkäufer
Juni, 2010

American Idol and the Hedge Fund
About Hail Mary-Investments, Feb. 2010

Abschaffung des EUROs oder
gemeinsame Wirtschaftsregierung
Mai, 2011

Wieviel Keynesianismus geht
Zur Lage des Kapitalismus, Jan. 2010

Dignified Suicide
On a British Government proposal,
Nov. 2010
Ancient and Present "MIddle Francia" Battlefields

wisdom of Golden Rule
business ethics,
Golden Rule inspired
wisdom of
Golden Rule
and superior
philosophy of
capitalism, pacifying
Nord-EURO/Süd-EURO? - "O yeah! Got it: History has its say too!"
Warum die Idee eines Nord- und Süd-EUROs falsch ist!
Stellungnahme zur Idee der EURO-Spaltung, erstellt und veröffentlicht am
Kernthese: Es ist illusorisch, zu glauben, dass Belgien, die Niederlande und selbst
Luxemburg bereit sein könnten, ihre Äquidistanz zu Frankreich und Deutschland
aufzugeben, und sich im Nord-EURO überproportional an Deutschland zu binden.
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The 2020 Financial Market Crash isn't just about Covid-19!
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cloaked as analytical commentary
have been rejected in the past and will
be rejected in the future.
High Finance has a lot to learn from History, Art and the Classics
The Napoléon III and the Trump I economy
Review of our forecasting performance in 2017 inspired by Émile Zola’s 1871 novel
“The Kill”, first drafted on Jan. 3, published on Jan. 5, 2018
Abstract: The Trump stock market has many lessons to learn from Zola's 1871 novel
"The Kill". Or better: The US stock market under President Trump is similar to the
boom-bust-reign of French Emperor Napoleon III. Noah denkt™ summarizes them
for you.  … (
more) ….  
Nation-State versus Internationalism  
Oh no, Michel Houellebecq dons a Yellow Vest too!
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the French writer’s Trump defense, first drafted on
Dec. 16, published on Dec  20, 2018
Dear Michel Houellebecq: It is true that liberalism and free market capitalism are in
very dire straits at this point. The benefits which subject liberal architecture has
provided us with over the last 70  years should oblige us, however, to give it an extra
chance. ... (
more) ....
What is the Meaning of Meaning in the Age of Nonsense?
A Year-End Review inspired by Prof. Viktor Frankl, first drafted on Thanks Giving 2018
and finally published on Jan. 7, 2019
Abstract: Dr. Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning" was written in response to
his harrowing, life-threatening experiences in Nazi death camps. The fact that we
meanwhile live in pretty exhausted times ourselves warrants the question whether
his philosophical conclusions of back then still hold water today? We believe so. ....
more) ....
How can the Reign of Idiots and Cowards NOT lead to Disaster?
English gives you confidence, Hochdeutsch or High German, on
the other hand, does just the opposite
An observation inspired by the British Parliament’s soul searching after Theresa
May’s historic Brexit defeat on Jan 15., published on Jan. 18, 2019
Abstract: It is quite remarkable that even in the moment of unprecedented national
uncertainty British MPs still manage to express their thoughts on international live TV
without showing signs of distress, anguish or even panic. Would German MPs be
able to keep the same poise in the presence of international cameras, if it weren't  
Britain’s but Gerrnany's fate that would be at stake here? We don't think so. ...
more) ....
Charles Swann jr: The sort of High Finance Player the World
esperately needs
A meditation un peu risquée, about M. Proust’s Charles Swann and that character's
High Finance angle, posted May 12. 2019
Abstract: Charles Swann Jr. may well have been a more important high finance
player than Mr. Proust himself suspected ... (
more) .....
Engl. Snobs and British Creativity
Virginia Woolf 2.0: Mrs. Dalloway hosts the PM, Jacob Rees-
Mogg, John Redwood and others
A Meditation inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway on Upper Class Snobbery
and its influence on economic competitiveness, first initiated on June 27, published
on July  12, 2019
Abstract: Generating cutting-edge innovation has become a national team effort
which can ill afford that some members of the national economy squad take pride in
not breaking sweat. Virginia Woolf's criticism of English Snobbery is therefore still
relevant today. ... (
more) ...
Proust 3:Many rivers to cross on this ancient battlefield?
Another meditation on “In Search of Lost Time” and what it means to come to life in
post-Gallia Belgica, post-Gallia Celtica and post-Germania Inferior,27, published
on Aug. 29, 2019
Abstract: The evocative symbolism of the names in Marcel Proust's "À la Recherche
du Temps Perdu" educates us about the towering ad menacing  historical and
geopolitical context in which the narrator’s quest for uncovering his artistic calling is
unfolding. ... (
more) ....
THE TRUMP CRASH - predictable and a long time coming ...
Excerpts from our BREXIT - Collection
London! Paris! Vienna!  and - (cough) -Berlin
And the EURO ......
Proust 4: Waking up to the Reality of Abuse, or: the Incredible
Reach of the Stockholm Hostage Syndrome
A two-in-one speculation on the weird love-hate-hex POTUS 45 is casting about
himself in light of Marcel Proust’s 4th volume “Sodom and Gomorrah", first drafted on
Sept. 27, published on Oct 16, 2019 ;  
Part 1 and Part 2
Abstract: Mr. Proust explains in the 4th volume of his "In Search of Lost Time"-series  
the emotional vulnerability an aggressive narcissist can exploit in his followers. This
vulnerability may occasionally even lead to the surrender of individual judgment and
independence.. Trump supporters should take heed. ... (
more) .... .  

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Update for all our Esteemed Readers, posted on June 24, 2020:

The brunt of our new analysis at Noah denkt™ is currently being posted and published on
Twitter (@NoahDenkt). The economic, social and political panorama - not just in the US - is
simply too dire by now for more verbose articles and reports. The essence of what we have to
say can hence be put just as well into a quick-fire Tweet,  - - at least for the time being. -  Thank
you for sticking it out, with or without Noah denkt™'s advice. The fact that you are still hanging in
there despite the rapid unravelling of our post-modern life is in itself already a major
achievements. You should feel proud about that! Good luck  and see you on Twitter!! ...
The Difficulty of Coming to Terms with a Brutal Childhood Trauma
Our last analysis of M. Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time” (Vol. I to VII), published on
Jan. 16, 2020
Abstract: The unearthing of crucial, yet atrocious memories is the focal point of
Marcel Proust's literary effort. He is achieving this by not cowardly falling for manifest,
water-prove evidence (Listen up GOP) but by confidently adopting a speculative,
circumstantial evidence based approach. ... (
more) ....      00
Trauma Resolution through Literature and Philosophy