The Difficulty of Coming to Terms with a Brutal Childhood Trauma
Our last analysis of M. Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time” (Vol. I to VII), published on Jan. 16,

Marcel Proust 5: Conflicted by Nature and Conflicted by Society, but
on the way to resolve what can be resolved!
An analysis of Marcel Proust’s “La Prisonnière” through the lens of a fellow descendant of
Lotharingia's Bowling Alley Kingdom , published on Nov. 14, 2019

Marcel Proust,4: Waking up to the Reality of Abuse, or: The
Incredible Reach of the Stockholm Hostage Syndrome
A two-in-one speculation on the weird love-hate-hex POTUS 45 is casting about himself in
light of Marcel Proust’s 4th volume “Sodom and Gomorrah", first drafted on Sept. 27,
published on Oct 16, 2019 ;  
Part 1 and Part 2

Marcel Proust 3: How not to despair given the many rivers to cross
on this ancient battlefield?
Another meditation on “In Search of Lost Time” and what it means to come to life in
post-Gallia Belgica, post-Gallia Celtica and post-Germania Inferior, first drafted on Aug.
27, published on Aug. 29, 2019

Virginia Woolf 2.0: Mrs. Dalloway hosts the PM, Jacob Rees-Mogg,
John Redwood and others
A Meditation inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway on Upper Class Snobbery and its
influence on economic competitiveness, published on July  12, 2019

Marcel Proust 2: The Poetry of Dozing, Waking and Awaking
and inbetween Life and Death
An essay on the essence of Marcel Proust’s literary effort in “In Search of Lost Time” (1906-
1928), published on June 14, 2019 - Part 1and  
Part 2

Charles Swann 1: The Kind of High Finance Player / Homme
d'Esprit' the World Desperately Needs
A meditation, perhaps un peu risquée, about Marcel Proust’s Charles Swann-character and
Mr. Swann's possible High Finance involvement, published on May 12, 2019

English gives you confidence, Hochdeutsch or High German, on the
other hand, does just the opposite
An observation inspired by the British Parliament’s soul searching after Theresa May’s
historic Brexit-vote defeat on Jan 15., published on Jan. 18, 2019

What is the Meaning of Meaning in the Age of Nonsense?
A Year-End Review inspired by Prof. Viktor Frankl, first drafted on Thanks Giving 2018 and
finally published on Jan. 7, 2019

Oh no, Michel Houellebecq dons a Yellow Vest too!
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the French writer’s Trump defense, first drafted on Dec. 16,
published on Dec  20, 2018

About Immature and Mature Artists : A Tale of two Wilhelms
Wilhelm Meister (J W Goethe) meets Wilhelm Adler (Saul Bellow) and others, first drafted
on Feb. 1, published on Feb. 6, 2018

Napoléon III versus Trump I
Review of our forecasting performance in 2017 inspired by Émile Zola’s 1871 novel “The
Kill”, first drafted on Jan. 3, published on Jan. 5, 2018

Henry Miller: A Different Kind of Silence Breaker
An essay on Henry Miller triggered by the Charlie Rose sex scandal and the #Metoo
Campaign, first drafted on Nov. 24, published on Dec. 9, 2017

Starbucks is no place for Wittgenstein’s Nephew
An essay on the importance of coffee shops in the digital era, first drafted on Nov. 7,
published on Nov. 9, 2017

To all those who have fallen through the cracks
How Noah denkt™ overcame its futility trap, first drafted on Oct. 23, published
on Oct. 24, 2017

Camus’ Meursault: Is it trauma or viable philosophy that animates
An essay and a rectification after revisiting "The Stranger", published on Aug. 4, 2017

Noah denkt™’s capacity utilization is at an all-time low
Observation on the reduced output of this project, published on July 21, 2017

The difficulty of being Captain Courageous in front of a
narcissistic boss
Observation of Mr. Comey`s private meeting predicament with POTUS 45, drafted and
published on June 9, 2017

Balzac on anti-social behavior
Reflections on Balzac’s critique of liberalism and capitalism, first drafted June 6, published
on June 7, 2017

How times have changed!
Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Houellebecq and François Fillon elaborate their views on
public service jobs, first drafted on Feb. 15, published on Feb. 17, 2017

How futile is the written word in the digital era?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the artistic challenge for writers in the digital age, first
drafted on Sept. 29, published on Oct 1, 2016

Gibt es für die hohe Literatur eine Zukunft?
Dialog mit dem Alter Ego über die Lage der schöngeistigen Literatur nach Bernhard und
Houellebecq, veröffentlicht am 12.07.16

The Buddhist versus the Biblical versus the Existentialist versus the
Bourgeois Business Model
Overview of the options for philosophical entrepreneurs, published on Aug. 12, 2016

The stark reality of middle class jobs
Press clippings on the plight of the well-educated and not so well-educated in the age of
global and digital competition, published on Aug. 2, 2016

How to avoid cracking up in the digital society!
Observation on the challenges of excessive down time, first drafted on May 19, published
on May 20, 2016

Der Staat muss Anreize schaffen, damit mit der vermehrten Freizeit
sinnvoll umgegangen wird
Beobachtungen zur Herausforderung der digitalen Revolution, erster Entwurf erstellt am
10.05., veröffentlicht am 13.05.16

From Hollywood Boulevard to Molenbeek and beyond
A reflection on the horrendous terror attacks in Brussels,  drafted and published on March
23, 2016

Are you a tough negotiator?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the match up between resilience versus shock and awe, first
drafted on March 3, published on March 4, 2016

Übertriebene Verrenkungen beim Thema Sterbehilfe
Moralphilosophische Betrachtungen zum gesetzgeberischen Bauchtanz um die Frage
zivilisierter Freitodbegleitung, veröffentlicht am 27.08.2015

Don Delillo explains the advent of Western Jihadists, - ... in 1977
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the literary forecasting prowess of Delillo’s novel “Players”,
first drafted on Feb. 6, published on Feb. 20, 2015

How many talents does it take to create one superstar?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on The Voice, Britain’s got talent etc, first drafted on Nov. 18,
published on Nov. 19, 2014

I am being filmed therefore I am
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the omnipresence camera lenses, first drafted on Nov. 12,
published on Nov. 13, 2014

Putin, Erdogan, ISIS etc...,  or How to explain the weird East-West-
Value Divide?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on the Eurasian Antagonism, published on Aug. 14, 2014

Whatever happened to the ability to take blows?
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on assertive communication, first drafted on July 17, published
on July 18, 2014

From Holly Golightly to Western ISIS fighters
Dialogue with the Alter Ego on capitalism’s need to avoid emotional obligations, first
drafted on June 24, published on June 25, 2014

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