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The Body Language of a Gangster
Praising the courage of the Libyan Opposition, drafted and posted on Feb. 22, 2011

You do not have to speak Arab. You do not have to read the news about government troops being ordered to fire
at peaceful demonstrators in Libya. And you neither have to take note of the Human Rights Watch reports
alleging the killing of several hundred people these last days in order to understand the nature of the Qaddafi
regime. All you have to do to realize what a disgrace this leadership is, is to watch the body language of Saif el
Islam, Qaddafi’s second son, when he explains his government’s position vis-à-vis the current unrest in his
country. (See his televised announcement on Feb. 21)  Because this body language is the body language of a
mobster! This is the intelligence and the sophistication that he has been able to acquire growing up in this family
of his. And this is what the Libyan people have been subjected to for more than 40 years now.

It is high time that all this ends. And so
we praise the courage and the sacrifice of the Libyan people to finally get
rid of this atrocious leadership. They deserve to win this stand off and they will it!!
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