2018 puts the concept of reason and
democracy to a test. While Michel
Houellebecq meanwhile dons a yellow vest
too, Noah denkt™ takes comfort in Viktor
Frankl's "Man's Search For Meaning" (1945)

An ill-fated stock market bubbles begins to
emerge in 2017 under the unhinged
Presidency of Donald Trump. Noah denkt™
seeks refuge in Émile Zola’s 1871 novel “The

2016 brought serious challenges to the free
trade world as we know it  Noah denkt™
looks back and ahead .....

Inflation is taking off! - Noah denkt™ looks
back on its performance in 2015 (- the year
when the mess in Syria appears complete
and  refugee crisis reaches Central Europe
with a vengeance)

Looking back on 2014 - Noah denkt™ reports
on its prediction success in a year marked by
the Ukraine crisis and the oil price slump

Review of
Noah denkt™'s forecasting
accuracy in 2013, - the year of the fiscal
sequester in the US and the averted punitive
strike against Syria

Review of
Noah denkt™'s annual
performance in 2012, - the year in which
European Stability Mechanism was launched

Review of
Noah denkt™'s track record in
2011 - the  year of the Japanese Tsunami and
the Arab Spring Uprising

Review of
Noah denkt™'s analytical
achievements in 2010 - the year in which the
EURO debt and currency crisis came to the

Review of
Noah denkt™’s forecasting
accuracy in the period right after the sub-
prime bubble had come to burst.

Review of
Noah denkt™’s analytical track
record in the run up to the sub-prime financial
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