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Exciting news from Tunisia
Dialog with the Alter Ego about the successful overthrow of Ben Ali’s regime, first drafted on Jan. 14,
published on Jan. 15, 2011

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): Noah denkt™ has so far been surprisingly quiet about the historic
uprising in Tunisia. Why is that?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): Well, we have to admit that we weren’t really sure what to make of the protests
taking place in Tunisia. So it’s probably due to our lack of familiarity with the reality on the ground that we haven’t
supported the popular movement there right from the start.

AE: But what made you hesitate in this? After all,
you have never minced your words before when it came to
supporting freedom fighters in other far away regions of the world? Why then have you not gotten your act
together in more timely fashion this time around?
Nd: It’s true that we should apologize to the freedom loving people of Tunisia for not having been more
forthcoming with our sympathy for their quest. But we simply weren’t sure how well founded these protest really
were. In other words, we wanted to avoid endorsing something that later on might turn out to be just another
outbreak of adolescent fanaticism.

AE: So what you are saying is, that all these reports about Ben Ali’s corruption did not manage to convince you
about the legitimacy of this uprising?
Nd: Correct.

AE: But how can that possibly be?
Nd: Well, it’s probably due to the fact that we have seen too many images of fist thumping protesters in the Arab
world that we couldn’t get excited about the latest ones right away.

AE: These young Arabs on the streets of Tunis, however, had the support of such venerable news organizations
“El País”. So if you couldn’t confide in the pictures you were seeing you might at least have trusted the media
reports that well trained journalists were making available to you.
Nd: Perhaps, you are right. But then again, we should also not forget that even “venerable news organizations”
such as “El País” aren’t immune to ridiculous mass hysterias. Just witness the ludicrous arguments with which “El
País” is defending its
WikiLeaks cooperation. So the fact that the media support something doesn’t necessarily
mean that it is justified.

AE: In his case, however, it did mean just that.
Nd: Right.

AE: So, are you finally prepared then, to admit that the Tunisian opposition should have been
admitted into your
Hall of Fame much earlier than today?
Nd: Yes, we are.
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