Iyov Extreme Risk Management
A Thought Experiment by Noah denkt™ directed towards Fund Managers,
Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders that are driven to take existential risks
The Nature of Capitalism is Risk-Taking, sometimes Extreme Risk Taking.
Unfortunately, though, the service community of our capitalism leaves such
Extreme Risk Takers woefully unattended. This is a disgrace. Iyov Extreme Risk
Management works to remedy that!
                               Have I no help, or is counsel lost to me? -  Book of Job 6:13

Our economy is riddled with some misunderstandings that for the sake of competitiveness and job
creation need to be cleared up.  One of these misconceptions is the notion that a well reflected and
well calculated business risk by its very nature should and will never entail a threat to the well-being
and the health of the corresponding risk-taker. This is a mistaken understanding because
sometimes, just sometimes, a high-stakes, near-suicidal risk taking is inevitable in order
to push an original and ground-breaking business proposition to success.  Especially in a highly
competitive and overcrowded market place that is burdened with institutional exhaustion, short
attention spans and mindless addiction to stardom, it may occasionally be necessary to go beyond
the logic of focus group studies to allow for the breakthrough of a game-changing solution. The
most innovative and intelligent among us know that. They have experienced enough snobbish and
irreverent incredulity to know that at times an all-in effort may be unavoidable.  

Successfully managing this near-suicidal risk-taking however is a substantial task that
requires a
double analytical brilliance
. Not only do existential risk takers have to demonstrate a superior
industry and market specific knowledge in the field they operate in, no, in addition to that they also
have to have at their disposal a profound depth of philosophical wisdom in order to put their
undertaking into a coherent ontological and epistemological context. Otherwise they won´t be able
to constructively and creatively process the agonizing yet legitimate and reasonable doubts and
fears any high-stakes risk taking necessarily generates. In fact, it is by and large the state of the art
addressing of subject existential fears that may well trigger the corresponding project’s success in
the marketplace. After all, it is the creative quality in the processing of these fears that will reveal
the final touch which will make the pertaining project intelligible and marketable to a mass market

Acquiring the much needed double brilliance both in finance or industry and in philosophy is hard to
do, particularly in
an economy that prides itself on the superb degree of specialization it
has reached.

This is where Iyov Extreme Risk Management can help.
We can offer you the philosophical
experience and perspective that you yourself may be lacking
when addressing the
existential fears your nail-biting undertaking involves. Obviously, we understand that high
performing pioneers are powerful and strong individuals who have tendency to figure things out on
their own. And we also realize that the acknowledgement of doubts and fears about your situations
and/or your project may undermine the credibility you have in the eyes of your investors. But you
should not let anybody’s regressive needs dilute your right to reason.

It is our conviction that a rational methodology in the evolution of your project dictates that you
the inevitable ambivalence of your convictions talked through with someone your
even if such an intelligent review must be held in private.  After all, there can be no doubt that
even the most resourceful among us do occasionally need a second opinion to revisit their reigning
interpretations, to reflect on their existential doubts, and to compare notes on the feasibility of their
undertaking. In fact, it is altogether a disgrace and a fallacy that our society is so far denying such
a risk mitigating service to high stakes risk takers when the basic foundation of subject
society is otherwise all about verification, cross-checking and educated risk-reduction.

Obviously, it is this incoherency in the standard reasoning of our current society that explains why
existential risk takers are woefully unattended by your middle-of-the-road counselling
. Either the latter have the hardest time to understand the need for such risk taking
because they lack the relevant entrepreneurial experience themselves (psychotherapist,
philosophers, clergy members) or they lack the philosophical depth required because they are
overly steeped in a play-it-safe business school logic (corporate consulting companies, auditors).

In this respect, Iyov Extreme Risk Management is exactly where you need it to be. It can fill the void
left by others and offer its mind-meeting collaboration service, because its founder has experienced
the agonizing pressures of high stakes risk taking himself. He has studied them, he has reflected on
them, he has written about them and he has made them his calling. Add to that the fact that our
mastermind also has substantial experience in market analysis and business development and you
a powerful mix of comprehension and congeniality for your particular consulting needs.

So feel free to contact us if the worries about the general incomprehension of your high stakes risk-
taking enterprise appear to eat you up.  We will do what we can to help you de-construct these
fears, to reexamine your convictions and to rediscover your creativity and confidence by
addressing your reasonable doubts. To get an idea about the quality of reasoning you will find
when working with the Iyov Extreme Risk Management consultant, we also invite you to visit the
website of our award winning
Noah denkt™ - Project.  

Please understand that
Iyov Extreme Risk Management does not offer psychotherapy. We
are a consultancy whose services are geared towards business people who wrestle with the
existential challenges of their current situation or are developing an often times unheard of, yet
altogether legal, business proposition. We will help you to sharpen your mind, to take a step back
and to process your unusual concerns in a responsible, creative, educated and learned manner.
Obviously, we will be frank with you if we should come to the conclusion that your undertaking is not
ethically sound or otherwise unreasonable. In any case we expect you to be cognizant of the fact
that despite sharing our thoughts with you we will not take responsibility for any of your future
actions since you are without a doubt the one and only master of yourself.  
Why A Consulting Business For High Risk Takers
Top News
The Media reports on Existential
Travails and/or Mental Health Issues
Dan Russ reports in The Guardian Blog (Sept. 2016) that “Silicon Valley
and the tech startup scene in general have a large and growing problem
with suicide and mental illness (…)mostly at the executive and founder
levels of companies.”
Preventing and Understanding Suicide in the Tech Industry

Alphr.com reports: “In 2014, there were 6,122 suicides in the UK (at a
rate of 10.8 per 100,000 people), with men aged between 45 and 59
years old more likely to take their own lives than any other group (at
26.5 per 100,000). According to research by the Samaritans, the age
group once considered in the "prime of their life" is now the most likely
to experience mental health problems and, in the tech industry, there is
also a notably higher number of suicides than in some other industries.
(…) Research into personality traits suggests that the best entrepreneurs
are creative, socially extravert and have a higher propensity for taking
risks. But these traits are also heavily associated with b-polarism and

Business Insider alludes to a clinical study: “A recent study by Dr.
Michael Freeman, a clinical professor at UCSF and an entrepreneur as
well, was one of the first of its kind to link higher rates of mental health
issues to entrepreneurship. Of the 242 entrepreneurs surveyed, 49%
reported having a mental-health condition. Depression was the No. 1
reported condition among them and was present in 30% of all
entrepreneurs, followed by ADHD (29%) and anxiety problems (27%).
That's a much higher percentage than the US population at large, where
only about 7% identify as depressed.
More surprising was the incidence of mental health in the families of
entrepreneurs: 72% said they either had mental-health problems
themselves or in their immediate family.”

HR Magazine from the UK reports that the “financial services sector has
the highest percentage of employee absences due to mental ill health,
according to research from HR consultancy AdviserPlus.”

The Atlantic reports in 2015 that Palo Alto, the tech capital of the world
"is quickly becoming the capital of the United States when it comes to
suicide.  At top tier high schools in Palo Alto, the suicide rate is four
times higher than the national average over the last 10 years.”