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Speculating with Houellebecq and the Coen Brothers
Dialog with the Alter Ego on the big challenge, first drafted on Feb. 2, published on Feb. 4, 2010

Question by Alter Ego of Noah denkt™ (AE): Noah denkt™ is a fan of Michel Houellebecq and the Coen Brothers
(“Fargo”, “Burn after reading”, “A serious Man” etc…), correct?
Answer by Noah denkt™ (Nd): Correct.

AE: Why?
Nd: Because we are intrigued by their intelligent description of what they perceive to be the hopelessness of our
modern human existence.

AE: Why do you love to hear about the hopelessness of our existence if you yourself advocate the complete
opposite of that (see
your philosophy of capitalistic existentialism and see also the adaptation of that in your
Golden Rule business strategy)?
Nd: Because we understand why someone would come to the conclusion that even the most honest human efforts
in this world won’t be able change the overall path to disaster that we are currently on.

AE: And what is it that makes these people so pessimistic?
Nd: It is their conviction that every honest attempt of doing the right thing is up against such a huge amount of
structural and individual stupidity, inaptness, greed and chaos that it has become impossible to prevail against

AE: But, again you do not share that belief, do you?
Nd: Well, we do not believe that it is impossible to remedy the self-destructiveness of our modern existence, but
we still understand that it is next to impossible to achieve that.

AE: In other words, you are not that far away from Houellebecq’s perception?
Nd: Exactly. And what’s more we even laude the fact that the depth of the challenge that we are confronted with is
being explained to us in such an insightful way.

AE: But what do you learn from that?
Nd: Well, we learn form this, that it will take the last fiber out of us to make our convictions come true. Or to put it
differently, if democracy will eventually overcome e its inherent inclination to self-destruction, it will do so only
because it has been able to cling onto its more noble beliefs with what’s left on the skin of its teeth.

AE: So you do actually anticipate that there will be
a major challenge coming up for democracy that will put its very
existence at risk?
Nd: Yes. And it seems to us, as if the work of such cultural luminaries as the Coen Brothers or Houellebecq
corroborates that analysis.  

AE: What does this mean then for
your investment strategy?
Nd: Well, first of all, it inspires us to continue working on the Noah denkt™ project. After all, there is no better way
to prepare yourself for the day of reckoning than to reflect on that even now. But we also think that one has to get
ready mentally to allocate resources adequately once the big economic Armageddon hits the fan.

AE: And how do you that?
Nd: By imagining different sets of scenarios and by having plans on shelve that correspond with these different

AE: Do you want to talk about these shelved plans you are alluding to here.
Nd. Not at this point.

AE: Why?
Nd: Because things are still too much in the making in order to talk openly about them.

AE: So we leave it at that.
Nd: Yeah, let’s do that.
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