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A strong message for the faint-hearted
Celebrating the Chilean and Swiss miners for their historic accomplishments, posted on Oct. 15,  2010

This week in particular, Chilean and Swiss miners have shown us what human perseverance, man-made
technology, free societies and international cooperation can achieve. Their uplifting example should help us to
regain our confidence into the human powers of reason, creativity and progress. And it should help those who are
weary about our modern day challenges (i.e. (currently)
bearish investors, demonstrators in Stuttgart,
Houellebecq and others) to understand that there is nothing wrong with man’s attempt to better and improve his
life. For giving us so much hope and faith, Noah denkt™ is proud to induct the Chilean and the Swiss miners into
our Hall of Fame.

Here is a more detailed account of the achievements that we are praising by this induction:

The 33 rescued miners from the San José mine in Chile’s Atacama desert survived 69 days trapped in a cave 600
meter deep into the earth. During the first 17 days of their ordeal they had no contact with the outside world and it
was very much unclear whether they would have survived the accident that brought about their entrapment. Still,
they never gave up hope that eventually they would be freed from their underground prison. And so they
subjected themselves to a tough regime of rationed food (their supplies should normally have lasted for two days
only), group discipline and physical exercise in order to raise their chances for survival. Finally, after more than
two month, a complex rescue operation that was led by the Chilean government and supported by international
science and technology partners managed to extract all 33 miners alive from their underground predicament.

On Oct. 15, 2010  Swiss engineers aided by a giant drilling machine called Sissy smashed through the last stretch
of alpine rock and thereby create the world’s largest tunnel. This new Gotthard base tunnel will serve as a
milestone in a new high-speed rail network that will eventually connect Northern Europe to the Mediterranean
Sea. The tunnel will also reduce the amount of environmental damage that heavy trucks inflict on the Alpine
region. More than 2000 miners from Switzerland and elsewhere have spent nearly 20 years to forge their way
through the rocks of the Gotthard massif. The tunnel itself is scheduled to be finalized by 2017. The sheer size of
the project, as well as the awesome technological power that was brought to bear in this endeavor are of historic
proportions and unequivocally deserve our admiration.

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